Man Who Beat Up Jared Fogle In Prison 'Hates Child Molesters'

Ex-Subway Sandwiches spokesman Jared Fogle was beaten and bloodied in a Colorado prison by a fellow inmate who despises people who commit crimes against kids.

Jared Fogle, the former spokesman for Subway sandwiches turned convicted pedophile, was beaten and bloodied in prison by a fellow inmate who allegedly hates child molesters.

The incident was first reported by TMZ, but occurred back in January at Englewood Prison just outside of Denver. Fogle,38, is serving a 15-year sentence for sex crimes against minors.

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The assailant, Steven Nigg, has an extensive criminal record of his own but is particularly disgusted by the acts Fogle committed.

His nephew, Jimmy Nigg, spoke out in his uncle’s defense:

“He had to hit him. That’s how the whole thing started,” he reportedly told People. “He just can’t be around child molesters. He doesn’t like them.” He added: “He can’t figure out why you would do that to kids … He says, ‘I can’t be around those people.'”

He went on to claim that Fogle’s beating was part of a “message” Nigg wanted to send to the Federal Bureau of Prisons about sex offenders in minimum-security prisons.

“In his words, my uncle’s words, people convicted of these types of crimes, crimes against children, sexual predators, rapists, they shouldn’t be in a minimum-security prison,” Jimmy told AZcentral. “He felt like it wasn’t fair. [Fogle] gets to order any food he wants, he can use his money to do things. This guy is coming and prancing in like he can do anything he wants.”

Fogle’s injuries included a bloody nose, scratches to his neck and redness and swelling to his face, according to an incident report released by Nigg’s family.

“If he wanted to kill Jared Fogle, he would have been able to, and he didn’t,” Jimmy said. “No one stopped him from assaulting Jared. He sent the message, and he walked away.”

Convicted sex offenders enduring abuse in prison is not uncommon. According to the Prison Law Blog, “At best, they’ll be avoided and perhaps openly and directly called names and excluded from activities (e.g., sports, card games, TV rooms, work assignments, etc.).  At worse, they’ll be robbed, beaten, or even killed.”

The fact that Fogle is a “celebrity” of sorts doesn’t help his situation. His crime and conviction were highly publicized so he has no way of even hiding what he has done in order to escape harassment behind bars. 

Nigg has been in solitary confinement since attacking Fogle, according to AZCentral. 

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