Man Who Killed Four Kids Had Guns Despite History Of Domestic Violence

A man with a history of domestic abuse and violent behavior killed four children during a standoff with the police. He ended his own life after the killings.

Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr., 35, had a lengthy criminal record, and yet, he kept his guns, which were given to him by his father.

As it turned out, he eventually used at least one of the guns to kill four children, including two of his own, after shooting Orlando Police Officer Kevin Valencia in the face.

Lindsey had been arrested several times in the past. Some of the charges included domestic violence.

The week prior to the killing, Lindsey had been arrested for shoplifting at Walmart. Not only was he able to avoid a long sentence, the man kept his firearms.

After a domestic call, Lindsey held a standoff with police, which eventually resulted in the murder of Irayan, 12; Lillia, 10; Aidan, 6; and Dove, 1, his girlfriend’s four children. The younger two were also his.

Police said he also took his own life afterward.

The family has since put up a GoFundMe page to help cover the funeral expenses.

In 2008, Lindsey reportedly started stabbing a television set during an argument. He then told the unnamed woman involved to leave the house before he set it on fire. In 2009, he was sentenced to 30 years of supervision, with the judge allowing him to live with his mother in Deltona as part of his probation.

After that, he was arrested four other times for probation violations and was later required to undergo a mental health evaluation. Afterward he was allowed to move to Orange County so he could live closer to his children.

In April 2012, Lindsey was once again involved in a domestic abuse case.

His children’s mother called the police to report that at the time, he threatened their then-7-month-old son with a knife. The two had been arguing about taking the infant to the doctor when Lindsey became violent. He was arrested on felony charges.

At the time, Lindsey argued he was diabetic and hadn’t had his medicine when the incident happened. Prosecutors thought the argument was convincing enough to give up on filing charges.

Then, in 2013, Lindsey was found to be in violation of his probation once again after he failed to pay restitution. But once again, he got off by entering a plea.

On May 4, 2018, he was arrested after trying to leave a Walmart with a shopping cart full of products. He was eventually released and allowed to continue terrorizing his girlfriend and kids.

The four innocent children who were fatally shot were the ones who ultimately paid the price for a system that allows violent criminals to go back to their lives while non-violent, first-time drug offenders of color spend their entire lives in jail.

While it’s still unclear how Lindsey was able to keep his guns, it’s obvious that the system failed his kids and their mom, whose life will never be the same because of what this criminal has done.

This incident should serve as a reminder that the United States justice and law enforcement systems are flawed. Oftentimes, those who suffer as a result are the most vulnerable among us. It’s time for a change.

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