Man Who Stopped Global Cyber Attack To Donate $10K Reward To Charity

The young British security tech expert who helped bring an end to the cyber attack that impacted companies worldwide said he doesn't want money or fame.


MalwareTech is the pseudonym belonging to British security researcher Marcus Hutchins, 22, who single handedly halted last week's ransomware attack, and he's receiving a great deal of attention.

What he also got in exchange for the feat was money — a $10,000 reward for having responsibly reported a security issue and helping kill it. Now, the security expert wants to give this money to charity, Business Insider reports.

On Friday, the global cyber attack using leaked National Security Agency's (NSA) “EternalBlue” software spread across the globe, targeting major firms like the telecom company Telefonica and even FedEx. Hutchins registered a domain name to track the virus and accidentally halted it. When he realized what he had done, he continued to host the website.

Due to his heroic efforts, HackerOne, a website that gives professionals the opportunity to report security flaws sometimes in exchange for a cash reward, offered Hutchins $10,000 along with a note that read: “Thank you for your active research into this malware and for making the internet safer!”

But money isn't what the security expert is after.

“I don't do what I do for money or fame,” Hutchins said. He does it “Because it helps people, and I enjoy it.”

“I plan on holding a vote to [decide] which charities will get the majority of the money," he added. "The rest will go to buying books/resources for people looking to get into [information security] who can't afford them."

He isn't after attention either. On Monday, he tweeted he would not give out interviews to anyone showing up at his doorstep.

Hutchins is willing to accept an offer for free food though. Food delivery firm Just Eat offered the security expert a year's worth of pizza, which the techie said he will “probably claim.”

“I do like delivered food, and it would be perfect for con after-parties,” he said.

Thanks to Hutchins and conscious people like him in the tech industry, we might still have a chance at standing strong against government agencies going rogue and trying to illegally access the data of innocent people around the globe.

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