Trump Fan Shows 'Support' To Shooting Victims While Brandishing Gun

An unidentified man appeared at the scene of a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, holding a flag, wearing a President Donald Trump hat, and brandishing a gun on his hip.

Hours after a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, resulted in as many as eight students being killed (possibly more), an unexpected and uninvited supporter of President Donald Trump showed up to give his “support” to the victims — while carrying a gun himself.

An unknown man donning a “Trump for President” hat and carrying an American flag on a pole over his shoulder came to deliver a message that students, faculty, parents, and community members probably didn’t need to hear: “Make America Great Again,” he said, as if those words offered any type of consolation.

It’s not that those words do any harm, but they don’t do any good, either. Instead, they seem to imply this man believes that Trump will somehow come up with a solution to the issue of mass shootings after he has failed to do anything constructive since a separate school shooting happened in Parkland, Florida, earlier this year.

The man was “offering support,” he explained when asked about his repeating the Trump slogan.

“Just ‘God bless y’all’ will go a long ways right now for a lot of people,” he added.

But the man’s hat and message weren’t what grabbed reporters’ attention. Rather, the man appeared to be brandishing a handgun himself, openly, while walking just a few blocks away from the shooting.

It is unconscionable — not to mention unsafe — for someone to show up at a crime scene where a mass shooting is still being sorted out while brandishing a weapon themselves. Other citizens gathered in the area said as much, too, as another unnamed man berated the first man’s choices.

“This idiot is walking down the street with a damn pistol on his side where we just had kids get shot,” the second man observed. “I’m a guns rights person, I have guns. But this idiot is walking down here and saying that he needs to 'Make America Great Again.' That's not what America needs. America needs prayers, we don't need this crap.”

It doesn’t matter what side of the gun debate you’re on — an individual walking around with a gun on his hip near a crime scene, where a handful of children have just been shot dead, is dumb, disrespectful, and indicative of that individual’s disregard for those who have just died and their families.

While the National Rifle Association and others frequently say the time is not right to speak about guns, one has to wonder if they will have anything to say about this gentleman parading his weaponry so soon after a mass shooting? It’s doubtful they’ll make any remarks condemning him at all.

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