Why Were These People Kicked Off A Sydney-Bound Flight?

Neither the man nor the woman backed off from the fight, and it is said that both of them may face flying bans as a result.

A man and a woman flying from Phuket, Thailand, to Sydney, Australia, are currently under investigation after they broke into a fight mid-air.

The Jetstar JQ33 business class passengers had to be kept apart for the rest of the flight, after they began throwing punches at one another.

It all started off when the unnamed 42-year-old woman reclined her seat onto the 27-year-old man’s mother, who was sitting behind her.

The man then got out of his seat and pushed at the woman’s seat, in retaliation. The lady took things to a whole new level when she got up from her place and punched the angry passenger.

The man, who was furious by now, then retaliated by laying a few punches on his opponent.

A fellow passenger tried to hold back one of the brawlers by telling them to “calm down” but nothing seemed to work. The two people involved in the fight were escorted off the plane by Sydney officers upon reaching Australia.

“We don't tolerate disruptive behavior by passengers on our flights. We will conduct a review with a view to banning these passengers traveling with us in the future,“ said a Jetstar spokesperson.

This is not the first time a fully fledged fight has kicked off aboard a plane. It seems like traveling gets the better of most people, as just a few months ago things got ugly on a Hainan Airlines flight when a delay in take off resulted in a mass brawl.

The fight lasted around 30 minutes after which the unruly people involved had to be escorted off the plane. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Edgar Su

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