Israel Has 4 Members Of The Tamimi Family Under Arrest, Including Ahed

As of Dec. 28, Israeli authorities are detaining four female members of a Palestinian family after IDF inflicted violence on their relatives.

Israeli soldiers arrested Manal Tamimi, the aunt of Ahed Tamimi, as she protested outside Ofer Prison, near Ramallah, West Bank, against the 16-year-old Palestinian activist's detention.

Manal is married to Bilal Tamimi, leader of the Nabi Saleh Solidarity, a movement that opposes illegal Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

She has become the fourth female member of the Tamimi family to have been arrested in less than two weeks.

Ahed, who was seen slapping an Israeli soldier in a video, has reportedly been transferred to three different detention centers since her arrest on Dec. 19.  Israeli authorities have also attempted to extract a confession during interrogations that last for hours.

Following her arrest, Nariman Tamimi, her mother, was also taken into custody when she tried to accompany her daughter at the police station.

Nour Tamimi, the teen's cousin, was arrested as well on Dec. 20. She also appeared in the controversial video that led to Ahed's arrest, which has sparked international outrage over the way Israeli forces treat Palestinian children.

Meanwhile, a military court extended the detention until Jan. 1.

Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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