Vicious Online Trolls Target Raheem Sterling's Daughter On Instagram

Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling was subjected to vile abuse on Instagram after posting picture of his 4-year-old daughter's first day at school.

Manchester United Raheem Sterling

Soccer player Raheem Sterling instagrammed a photo of his 4-year-old daughter Melody Rose on her first day of school — and all hell broke loose.

It was a happy picture of a cute girl ready for a new adventure till trolls decided to vent their venom on the post.

Things got bad enough for his girlfriend Paige Milian to lock down her Instagram page after the couple received death threats and racist abuse.

The midfielder for Manchester City and the England national team has been hated-upon since his £44 million ($58 million) move from Liverpool to Manchester City in July 2015.

Many even blame his "defection" for England’s humiliation at the Euros. But the attack on his family, especially his young daughter, was way below the belt. 

Thankfully not everyone is after his life and liberty  he still has supporters and they defended him online.

One wrote: "It's pathetic people are commenting snakes etc [sic] on a picture of his daughter. How sad can you actually get."

"Everyone, come on it's his daughter's first day at school, leave the man in peace. Just because he's gone to City doesn't mean he needs to be abused 24/7," commented another fan.




Sterling is a hero nevertheless.

He represented England at under-16, under-17 and under-21 level before being capped at full level by the national side in November 2012. He performed at the 2014 FIFA World Cup as well.

He received the Golden Boy award for 2014 from a pan-European panel of sports journalists, recognizing him as the best under-21 player playing in Europe and was ranked as the most valuable young player in Europe the following year by Soccerex.

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