Man-Child Trump Bombs The Last Debate — Is It All Over For Him?

Trump had another shot at redeeming himself in Wednesday night’s final debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, yet he completely collapsed under the pressure.

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off one last time in the final debate on Wednesday night in Las Vegas. Although Trump started off the debate in a subdued manner, his typical childlike-self emerged as time progressed. 

Moderator Chris Wallace, a Fox News veteran, offered Trump opportunities to apologize, but the GOP candidate remained stubborn. Like a child, he name-called, bullied, and mimicked Clinton, repeating patterns those who have been following the election are all too familiar with.

From the start, Clinton pounded Trump on his use of “scare rhetoric” regarding his abortion stance, but he carried this tactic throughout the debate like a schoolyard bully. He used fear-mongering over undocumented immigration, drug-trafficking, border control, America’s role in the Middle East, and whether or not he would “accept” the election results.

Somehow, the topic of immigration turned to Trump’s relationship with Russia. Asking tough, but necessary questions, Clinton asked, “Will Trump admit that Russians are doing this? Does he encourage Russian espionage?” She then proceeded to call him President Vladimir Putin’s “puppet” to which he retorted, “No, you’re the puppet,” talking back like an angry toddler trapped in a 70-year-old man’s body.

Trump appeared to support Russia’s foreign military stance, repeatedly saying that “Putin outsmarted” Clinton, insulting her intelligence.

Then, when the debate turned to a discussion on the economy, Trump felt compelled to do his first Clinton impersonation of the evening. While she was talking, he interrupted her with an attempt at politeness. “Excuse me, my turn,” he said, as if he’s never interrupted her before.

After Clinton reminded Trump that he had called Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado “an eating machine,” he commented under his breath, “Gimme a break.”

Trump blamed Clinton for the creation of the Islamic State, saying: “She gave us ISIS as sure as you’re sitting there. She’s gonna get rid of nobody.” He proceeded to impersonate Clinton, this time using a more high-pitched, screechy voice.

Although the audience was asked to remain silent throughout the debate, they let out a collective laugh when Trump said that he respected women. “Nobody has more respect for women than me. Nobody.”

Clinton pushed her opponent on the “uncomfortable” topics and not just about his aggressions towards women. She reminded the public that he doesn’t apologize, not for being a repeat sex offender, not for neglecting to pay federal income taxes, not for threatening to deport employees to whom he owed money.

Trump reached absolute bottom when he once again claimed the election is “rigged” in Clinton’s favor. Regarding whether or not he will accept the results of the elections, he said “I’ll keep you in suspense,” as though he’s speaking to a reality TV audience.

Clinton described Trump’s skeptical stance towards the entire premise of the electoral process as “funny,” but “horrifying” and “troubling.”

To top off the lack of substance that Trump would bring to the presidency, he even had the nerve to mumble, “Shoulda gotten it,” when Clinton reminded him that he claimed The Emmy’s were rigged against him when he didn’t win for his show “The Apprentice.”

Trump reached another low point when he called Clinton “such a nasty woman,” which is more than ironic considering just minutes before he said that’s there’s no one who “respects women” more than him.

His man-baby antics will keep him from getting any closer to The White House. Trump has easily become the laughingstock of one of the most viciously personal presidential races in the contemporary era.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Mike Blake 

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