Man Got Punched For Looking Like A Certain ‘Transformers’ Actor

You’d think a person who looked like a famous actor would get celebrity treatment, but that’s not what happened to this poor guy.

Shia LeBeouf

A New York City man was reportedly sucker-punched when leaving a subway, allegedly for looking like a certain “Transformers” actor.

Mario Licato was exiting the Delaney Street F train station at Manhattan’s Lower East Side on his way to a concert when he was suddenly knocked to the ground with a fist to the face.

“Some guy's walking down to get into the station, and I just see a fist coming at me,” Licato said. “I'm stumbling down the stairs and I hear, ‘That's because you look exactly like Shia LaBeouf!’”

Shia LeBeouf Doppleganger

Manhattan Man

Shia LeBeouf Doppleganger

The LaBeouf doppelganger was briefly knocked out cold from the encounter and when he came back to consciousness, his assailant had disappeared. Licato said witnesses gave him a description of his attacker’s physical appearance and said he looked like “a white frat boy.”

Adding insult to injury, when the paramedics came to treat his wounds Licato was greeted by a sarcastic, “Welcome to New York, buddy.”

“I’m born and raised here,’” he told Gothamist. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? You’re standing in front of somebody who’s bleeding out of their face and that’s your first response?’”

The LeBeouf look-alike suffered a cut on his forehead, a black eye and a scratch on the nose.

Manhattan Man

The police will use the CCTV footage from the station to try and catch the attacker, but so far, he’s still at large.

But Licato does not have ill-will toward his assailant.

“Well sir you boosted my self esteem bc he's p hot,” he wrote in his Instagram post.

Apparently, New York is not acquainted with the term “celebrity treatment.”

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