Salon Visit Ends In A Death Threat For Detroit Woman

Owning a gun has become rather easy these days, but there has to be some kind of control on when someone is allowed to pull out the firearm.

It is only natural to look forward to a day at the salon, a day to get groomed and pampered and forget your troubles. But for one Detroit woman, the pampering soon turned into a threat against her life.

The police in Detroit, Michigan, are now in search of a manicurist from the Nail Tech Salon on Gratiot Avenue at 9 Mile Road. Apparently, the unnamed nail artist, who was new at the salon and still undergoing training, pulled a gun on a customer who demanded a glitter varnish following her manicure.

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A video captured on the phone of another customer present at the salon shows the employee in a light green T-shirt pulling out a gun from his back pocket during a heated argument with the customer.

The salon manager’s sister, identified only as Lee, claimed that the customer was angry because the pedicure took way too long and she wasn’t happy with the nail polish applied following her manicure, either.

During the row, the video shows another employee interrupting the two enraged people to calm them down, but to no avail. The angry worker with the firearm is seen re-holstering his gun before escaping from the salon.

The police are still in search of the man, and are currently investigating the case.

 Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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