Man’s Gun Accidentally Discharges During Children's Swim Lesson

A West Virginia man has been banned from the University of Charleston campus after his gun accidentally discharged during a children's swimming class.

Lloyd Simms, 41, turned himself into authorities after accidentally firing his gun during a children’s swimming lesson on Friday.

Simms gun was located in his pocket and went off during a lesson held at the University of Charleston in West Virginia, Mic reports.  Luckily, no one was injured. The bullet went into the ground and ricocheted off the tile.

The class was being instructed by a 17-year-old girl whose mother shared her account of what happened: “This man was sitting not two feet away and his gun went off,” the teen’s mother, Jackie Kay, reportedly said.

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"She [her daughter] said he had a huge hole in his pocket," she added.

Simms had a concealed-carry permit for his gun; however, firearms — legal or otherwise — are prohibited on University of Charleston’s campus.

"Firearms are not allowed on our campus," Dave Traube, Director of Communications at the university, told a local news station. "It's a very serious situation, just the fact that it was there."

Simms is reportedly the guardian of one of the students who was participating in the lesson, but he has since been banned from setting foot on the campus.

As a result of the incident, the university and the Huntington Charleston Aquatic Team are reevaluating security measures, WSAZ reports.

"We really care about the safety of everybody on our campus, whether that be a student, a faculty member, a parent or somebody just visiting," said Traube. "We don't want anybody to feel in danger at any point."

The swim students, parents, instructors, and university administration are lucky there wasn’t an alternative outcome to this situation. It’s no secret that guns are lethal weapons and therefore someone could have been severely injured or killed all because of a careless mistake.

The worst-case outcome of this scenario is especially cringe-worthy as it involves innocent children being subjected to danger all because some trigger-happy guy felt he needed to bring a gun to watch his kid learn how to swim. 

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