Heroic Marathon Runners Help Exhausted Woman Reach The Finish Line

Three selfless marathon runners helped an exhausted woman who was about to collapse just a hundred yards from the finish line.

In an amazing display of kindness and sportsmanship, three selfless men helped a fatigued woman who was just hundred yards away from the finish line during the Love Run Half Marathon in Philadelphia.

In the video footage, two marathon runners spotted a 21-year-old Haley Klinger bending over and holding her knees. It was evident she was about to collapse.

The kind heroes, one of whom was identified as Bryan Crnkovic, could have left the young woman in this ordeal and crossed the finish line, but in a reminder that kindness still prevails, they sacrificed their time to help the suffering woman.

"I was thinking she was about to go down. That she needed help, I just stopped," said Crnkovic.

But the suffering wasn’t over. Soon Klinger’s legs started hurting again, and this time it was worst. This is when a third man, Joseph McGinty, who was observing the situation, turned back and carried her to the finish line.

“It's just what we do. You just see someone that needs help and you just want to help,” McGinty said. “We were just under that two-hour mark, and most people were aiming for that two-hour mark, and I figured she probably trained hard so why shouldn't she hit it, you know?”

"Just so appreciative that someone was so unselfish to stop running their race to help her cross the line," said Klinger’s father.

The good Samaritans had no ideas their gesture would go viral. However, a good deed never goes wasted, and their video began appearing around the web, spreading a message of kindness and hope.

The runners haven’t met Klinger since but hope to one day. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Carlo Allegri

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