Marc Anthony Hates Donald Trump And He Isn’t Afraid To Say It

Marc Anthony performed at Madison Square Garden after nearly a decade, but surprisingly, his performance was not the highlight of the night.

American singer, record producer and television producer Marc Anthony performed a brilliant show at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. He was performing in the Manhattan arena after nearly a decade and was understandably excited — and so was the audience.

Anthony, who was born and bred in New York, played an important role in the city’s music scene and soon became an international hit.

During the performance, his band continued playing from their original positions, while the singer himself utilized the stage, moving from one place to another and communicating with fans. He also made it a point to interact with his band members every now and then, making the performance a whole lot more enjoyable.

However, his performance wasn’t the highlight of the night.

Anthony had an important message for all his fans out there.

“I really want you guys to know: I’m proud to be born and f---ing raised in New York City. I’m proud to be f---ing Puerto Rican,” he said at the end of the show. “I’m Latino in the U.S.A…. No matter where we come from, we’re Latinos. We have to take care of each other. There’s only one f---ing box to check.”

“F--- Donald Trump!” the singer added. “Wake that motherf---er up!”

Obviously, the audience responded with the night’s most ear-splitting applause, and Anthony went back to work.   

The singer has previously commented in the media about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s xenophobia, and thus made it a point to express his dislike for him during the show.

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