Hero Risks His Life To Save 1,000 Dogs From Yulin Meat Festival

A video posted on the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation Facebook page shows Ching requesting people’s help to house the rescued dogs.

China’s Yulin meat festival has sparked a lot of controversy over the years because people object to the slaughtering of thousands of cats and dogs, some of which they say are stolen family pets.

This time around, as the festival kicked off on June 21, animal rights activists were seen extending efforts to shut down slaughterhouses and vendors, which could have killed an expected 10,000 dogs.

An American activist working for animal rights, Marc Ching came to Yulin to rescue dogs that are set to be slaughtered during the festival.

Ching kicked off the rescue operation and along with his companion, Valarie Ianniello managed to save 1,000 dogs from the slaughterhouses.

This is not the first time Ching has done something like this. Apparently, this is his seventh trip to Asia over the past year, and he has gone to countries like Cambodia to save animals.

“People asked and they cried out for Yulin to end and for people to take action, and so we are here doing that. Now what happens when you shut down a festival that has 10,000 dogs that die in it, you have thousands of lives that need homes and so we need help. I mean we’re out here alone, and we just need help to get the job done,” Ching said.

Ching has done everything possible to shut down the slaughterhouses. While at times, he pretended to be a buyer of dog meat, and instead sent back hundreds of dogs to the U.S., in other cases he managed to convince a slaughterhouse owner to stop participating in the festival in return for a certain amount, and help in establishing a new business.

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Unfortunately, Ching’s journey to rescuing these animals hasn’t been easy and the Yulin police are tracking him in attempts to stop him from saving the dogs.

However, thousands of internet users are supporting and appreciating his efforts as they leave kind comments on his Facebook videos.

“The best luck for you and your team! We can't do anything far away other than donate to support your cause, our heart goes with you,” one Facebook user said. 

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