Liberal Group Trolls Marco Rubio’s Broken Record Syndrome

Marco Rubio’s now-infamous repetition about Obama inspired a prominent liberal group seeking to troll the GOP candidate in creative ways.

Marco Rubio’s infamous defense in response to Chris Christie’s fierce attack makes some voters believe he might be a robot in disguise.

Following Saturday night’s debate in which Rubio seemed to have suffered a malfunction when he repeated the same thing four times, Democratic activists gleefully waited for the Florida state senator in Londonderry, New Hampshire, for the chance to troll him.

Campaigners dressed in cardboard boxes and antennas paraded about, wearing outfits that bore the words “Marco Roboto” and “Rubio Talking Point 3,000,” and claimed the GOP hopeful blew up a circuit during the presidential debate.


The demonstrators sent by the liberal organization American Bridge handed out broken gaskets to the audience and mechanically repeated Rubio’s now-infamous lines about Obama. Interestingly, supporters of Marco Rubio, rumored to be sent by the GOP’s candidate himself, showed up soon after with placards blaming poor Jeb Bush for this latest “attack.” The folks at American Bridge must have found that hilarious.


"We weren't planning to do any stunts, but Chris Christie gave us a good idea," said one of the bots, Kevin McAllister, deputy communications director for the super PAC. "We could all see last night that Marco Roboto has lots of talking points but there's not a lot of substance."

Despite the crude costumes, the group has spent more than $10 million on the 2016 elections so far.

Although the trolls were successfully shooed off by Rubio’s staff, they left some very angry and dejected Rubio fans in their wake.

This isn’t the first time American Bridge mocked Rubio. Last month, the super PAC gifted the senator with balloons and certificates, a joke that fell flat on its face.

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