Here's How Marco Rubio Dealt With A Pro-Trump Heckler

Donald Trump and his legion of violent, sucker-punching fans can definitely learn a thing or two from Marco Rubio and his supporters.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio may have lost the Florida primary to his Republican rival Donald Trump — but the young senator certainly turned out to be the bigger winner when a heckler disrupted his speech in his home state.

Nearly everybody knows by now how Trump and his violent supporters deal with protesters. People have been beaten, spat at, dragged, kicked and, most recently, sucker-punched at the media mogul’s campaign events.

Even worse is how the Republican front-runner himself encourages violence and chaos against anyone who doesn’t like him.

However, when a pro-Trump heckler interrupted Rubio as he prepared to bow out of the presidential race on Tuesday, none of the Florida senator’s supporters harassed the protester.

"You lost Marco!" yells a man as Rubio spoke, "Trump for president!" the heckler shouted.

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Although Rubio was visibly nervous, because of his home state loss, he handled the awkward moment brilliantly.

"Don't worry, he won't get beat up at our event,” he said as the protester was peacefully escorted out of the venue.


A member of the crowd shouts "Trump for president" at Marco Rubio's primary night rally.

Posted by POLITICO on Tuesday, March 15, 2016


It isn’t like protesters at Rubio’s rallies have never been attacked. Earlier in February, a Rubio supporter manhandled a protester dressed as a robot in New Hampshire.

But unlike Trump, Rubio, at least, doesn’t egg on people to assault a critic.

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