For Marco Rubio, Denial Is Just A River In Egypt

Even though the Florida senator only a one win in a single state, he still believes he’s the one to beat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Marco Rubio believes he is the person who can defeat Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — but apparently, not many voters agree. The Florida senator has secured just a single primary victory out of 11 states. 

Even after the disappointing Super Tuesday results, Rubio has not lost hope — or just possibly, as many people pointed out, he might be in extreme denial.





CNN reporter Jack Trapper also asked the floundering candidate point-blank whether he was in denial, to which the Florida senator replied:

“No, Jake. We’re in the winner-take-all phase of this. As you know, this is about delegate count. You know in a usual race you’d have a front-runner and people would be saying you need to drop out and rally around the front-runner. What people are saying is fight as hard as you can…”



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In a speech that celebrated his humiliating defeat on Tuesday, Rubio talked about Trump and his performance in the polls.

“He loves to talk about polls. We are seeing in state after state: His numbers coming down, our numbers going up,” the GOP candidate said and further added that Trump was a “con artist.”

Marco Rubio, aka Marco Roboto, is in a strange place to say that the public will not let Trump be nominated. After all Trump did win seven states Tuesday, while Rubio was only able to bag Minnesota.

Whether he is that determined or that much in denial, you have to give Rubio points for keeping his chin up.

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