Trump Tower Couldn’t Even Handle A Mariachi Concert

The band said they were there for a musical protest against the (well-documented and very public) bigotry against minorities in the U.S.

Trump Tower

The United States is a mere few hours away from deciding who's going to be its next commander-in-chief.

Still, a mariachi band thought it’d be nice to remind Americans of what kind of a bigot from the Republican Party is running for the highest office in the country with a fun performance-cum-protest, right in front of Trump Tower.

Obviously, the premises couldn’t face the (Mexican folk) music.

The band was soon removed because, as one officer reportedly said, it was "creating a huge disturbance."

You can have a look at the following video to decide the extent of the “huge disturbance” yourself:


Mariela Navarro, a spokeswoman for the band, later told the Huffington Post they were only using music to make a very important point: Immigrants are not going anywhere.

And the protest makes sense given all the vitriol the media mogul has spewed against Mexicans and Latinos over the past year.

“We did it for fun, to celebrate this brutal election finally ending,” Navarro said. “This is a country full of immigrants, and Latinos are a big part of this nation. We’re here, and we’re not going anywhere.” 

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