Biologist Sets The Record Straight On Viral Rant About ‘Useless’ Fish

After ocean sunfish, the heaviest known bony fish in the world, became target of internet ridicule, a marine biologist came to the rescue.

The ocean sunfish, also known as the mola mola, weighs between 247 and 1,000 kg on average, making it one of the largest and heaviest known fish species in the ocean.

It sounds quite awesome, but for some reason, some internet users do not think that way. In fact, thanks to a brutal yet epic online rant, the marine animal has turned into a viral meme — much to the dismay of a marine biologist.

To give a little background, it all started with Facebook user Scout Burns, who ran a hateful campaign against ocean sunfish because she thinks they are “useless.”

She posted a rather lengthy explanation of why sunfish are “the biggest joke played on earth” and how they prey on jellyfish and just drift in the sea, reproducing without any purpose. 


Burns added a disclaimer before her rant, claiming she in fact loves sea life but that this “hilarious,” “big dumb idiot” didn’t deserve her acceptance, let alone affection.

The mola mola hater apparently had all the time on earth. Reportedly, she even made a photo shopped Wikipedia page for ocean sunfish, claiming they casted votes for the Republicans.

She then uploaded the picture with the caption that read, “Someone edited the Wikipedia page.”


Burns also thought it was funny to draw a similarity between the sea mammal and President Donald Trump.

“Someone spent the time making this,” was the caption to this admittedly funny picture.

And then something unusual happened.

A group of people joined in on hating the ocean sunfish, inspired by Burns’ viral post that said the harmless animal was worthless and suggested it should not exist.





Her Facebook post garnered more than 76,000 shares and 71,000 likes in a short amount of time.

However, just when the hating game was getting too strong, a marine biologist jumped in to shut down all the online bullies.

David Masad, a social scientist, asked his marine biologist friend to answer the rant.

His response was intense but brilliant.



It was fact checked unlike Burns' rant, with a list of citations backing its credibility.

The biologist concluded by saying, “Burns is just a hateful, ill-informed, little (especially when compared to a sunfish) man [sic]”.

This is when other biologists and animal lovers also took notice of how the ocean sunfish was being abused online and decided to raise their voice.




Note to Burns, if you don’t like ocean sunfish, or any other fish for that matter, keep the hating to yourself — it’s not like they are feeding on your food or reproducing in your pool.

Try helping marine life instead of spreading hate for a change. 

Banner/Spotlight Credits: Reuters

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