Marine General Fired For Calling Sexual Harassment ‘Fake News’

The Marine brigadier general ridiculed a sexual assault investigation, calling it “fake news.” He was removed for making inappropriate public comments.


A Marine brigadier general was removed from his position after making inappropriate comments about sexual assault, describing it as “fake news,” at a town house meeting in Quantico, Virginia. 

Brigadier General Kurt Stein, whose office manages sexual assault preventions and response efforts, was accused of making the insensitive comments by an anonymous complaint lodged at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service hotline.

The general was placed on an administrative leave soon after reports of the accusations.

Stein’s comments were reportedly targeted at two female employees of the division who alleged a Marine Corps officer, supposedly their boss, repeatedly tried to sexually assault them. They also mentioned the Marine leadership had turned a deaf ear towards their concerns.

Though the unnamed officer had denied the allegations against him, Stein said the women claiming being sexually harassed was nothing but fake news, treating the atrocity like a joke.

As if this wasn’t enough, the general then made comments about “living vicariously" through the Navy chaplain who was fired from his post in New Orleans last month for having sex in a bar.

Naturally, after hearing all the allegations, the Marine Corps General Robert Neller lost confidence in Stein and the general was reassigned to another department from the Sexual Assault Prevention and Assault Office.

"After reviewing the investigation, Neller determined that he lost confidence in Stein's ability to lead this particular organization, and Stein has been removed and reassigned," the Marine Corps stated. "Leaders are responsible for establishing an environment conducive to mission accomplishment," the statement continued.

"Brigadier General Kurt Stein remains on administrative leave pending reassignment within headquarters," said Major Brian Block, Office of Marine Corps Communication.

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