Meet Marine Le Pen - The Donald Trump Of France's Presidential Race

The French far-right candidate launched her presidential campaign condemning financial globalization and Islamic fundamentalism.

French far-right politician Marine Le Pen debuted her presidential campaign with a few choice words that shows exactly what she thinks about immigrants, Muslims and globalization.

Le Pen is the president of National Front, a “national conservative” political party, and her political stances are eerily similar to President Donald Trump.

Take a look at some of her positions:

Anti-Islamic views

Le Pen is famous for her anti-Islamic stance, and the far-right leader wants to defend "French culture" by getting tough on Islamic practices.

“We do not want to live under the yoke of the threat of Islamic fundamentalism,” she said. “Islamic fundamentalism is attacking us at home.”

She also compared Muslims settling in France to wolves in a hen house and claimed Islamic fundamentalism was “planting itself in some neighborhoods and vulnerable minds.”

“The places of Islamic preaching will be closed and the propagators of hate will be condemned and expelled,” she remarked.

In the past, Le Pen faced charges over her remarks comparing Muslims praying in the streets to the wartime Nazi occupation. The French justice ministry asked the European Parliament to waive Le Pen's immunity over the comments.

Fast forward some years, she is still on the same stance. “We do not want to live under the rule or threat of Islamic fundamentalism. They are looking to impose on us gender discrimination in public places, full body veils or not, prayer rooms in the workplace, prayers in the streets, huge mosques ... or the submission of women," she said.

She plans to get rid of all illegal immigrants especially Muslims 

In her book, stopping immigrants from Muslim countries and avoiding globalization are the only two working solutions to control terrorist attacks. 

The 48-year-old claimed the reason for French people “dispossessed” state is “mass immigration.” Globalization allows the growth of Islamic fundamentalism; they settle in France and create unfair competition for the French people in the country, according to Le Pen. 

Her plan is to get rid of all illegal immigration and reduce regular immigration to 10,000 people a year. "There will be no other laws and values in France but French," she said.

She is against financial relationship globally  

"Past leaders chose deregulated globalization. They said it would be happy, it turned out to be atrocious," Le Pen said. “The divide is not between the left and right anymore, but between patriots and globalists. Financial globalization and Islamist globalization are helping each other out. Those two ideologies want to bring France to its knees.”

She thinks the EU is a great failure

If elected she also plans to call a referendum on EU membership within six months.  The European Union, she said, "is a failure."

"It hasn't upheld one of its promises especially in terms of prosperity and security," Le Pen said. “The European Union has placed us under guardianship, we will have to find a compromise with Europe to regain sovereignty.”

She is against NATO

The leader of the National Front wants to leave NATO, devoting two percent of gross domestic product to building up the French Army. Her "made in France" economic policies would be based on jobs for French workers first, making it complex for foreign companies to create competition.

She is all praise for President Donald Trump

She has congratulated the new president and even created her own manifesto behind him called “France First.”

“The Americans have made the choice for their national interests. The awakening of the people against oligarchies can become a reality, and the impossible can become possible. This awakening marks the end of an era,” she said.

“Donald Trump is keeping his promises, acting fast and strong in the interest of his people.”

Only time will reveal what this means to Trump, but it seems like he has a kindred spirit in Le Pen.

Banner/Spotlight Credits: Reuters 

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