Mark Cavendish Wins Silver Medal Despite Causing Horrific Crash

Since he was at the front of the other riders, Cavendish managed to escape penalty and went on to win the silver medal.



British cyclist Mark Cavendish caused a horrific collision during the final event of the men’s omnium at the 2016 Olympics. Fortunately, he came out unscathed, but South Korean cyclist Sanghoon Park suffered a mild contusion and was rushed out of the arena on a stretcher. Olympic champion Elia Viviani and Australia's Glenn O'Shea also went down in the crash.

Despite causing the crash, Cavendish secured the silver medal. He also accepted his mistake, saying that he “should have been looking more.”

However, Viviani, who managed to get back on his bike and race to the finish line, claiming the gold medal, insisted that Cavendish wasn’t responsible for the collision.

“The Korean guy was halfway on his wheel to the right — normally you stay on the wheel. Cav was in the front and changed direction so it's all normal. It's a normal crash on the track,” he said.

From looking at the video, one would say Cavendish caused the crash. Yet he managed to escape penalty, since he was in front of the other riders, and Park who was moving right at the same time as Cavendish was moving left, was partially at fault.

"I'm happy," Cavendish told the BBC. "Elia was the best guy there. If you take the points I lost in the elimination I would've been right with him. I have got my Olympic medal. It is really nice, but gold would've finished the collection,” he said.

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