Not A Terrorist? Heavily Armed Man Threatens To Kill Muslims In SoCal

A man, who keeps numerous guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition at home, threatened to kill Muslims. Will the media ask who radicalized him?

Mark Lucian Feigin

A man in Southern California has been arrested for allegedly making repeated violent threats against an Islamic mosque, according the Los Angeles Police Department.

Mark Lucian Feigin, 40, was taken into custody on Oct. 19 after calling the Islamic Center of Southern California and threatening to kill Muslims.

However, Feigin isn’t just some outraged guy who had threatened to beat up somebody.


When the police searched his home, they found “multiple rifles, shotguns, handguns, several “modified high-capacity magazines” and thousands of rounds of ammunition.”

Here’s a glimpse of his weapons and ammunition collection.

mosque attack

According to Omar Ricci, the spokesman for the Islamic center, "the first thing that came to mind" after watching Feigin's weapons collection was a "Columbine-type event."

And it doesn’t end here.

Feigin had also been posting anti-Islamic messages on social media accounts that purportedly belong to him.

A Twitter account allegedly belonging to Feigin is no longer online. 

But Imran Siddiqi, executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations in Arizona, stated the deleted account had a lot of tweets and retweets suggesting Feigin is a "right-wing Trump supporter."

Feigin now walks free after being released on $75,000 bail. He is due to appear in court on Nov. 10.

So, will the media ask questions about Feigin that are usually asked when a suspect like him turns out to be Muslim?

Questions such as: Where was he radicalized? What's his religious background or any other ideologies that might have contributed to his anti-Islamic bias? Where does he get all his weapons from? Which places did he visit right before he began threatening the Islamic center?

Will right-wingers apologize for his actions? 

The answer is a big “no,” considering how news outlets are currently referring to him as a “heavily-armed man” instead of calling him what he actually is: a homegrown terror threat (who may have been influenced by people like Trump.)

It's been observed that whenever a potential terror suspect is a person of color, the mainstream media tends to make sure that the assailant’s racial, ethnic and religious affiliation is front and center.

However, when an alleged perpetrator turns out to be white, the news cycle finishes up with the story in a matter of days, barely touching upon his religious affiliations or other ideologies. 

The media bias is obvious but, unfortunately, not surprising anymore.

In September, a report prepared by researchers at California State University, San Bernardino, stated anti-Muslim hate crimes — including arson, murder, assault and violent threats — were at their highest levels - the second biggest number of anti-Muslim hate crimes since Sept.11 attacks.

Feigin's arrest comes only a week after three men were charged with one count of conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against Muslim immigrants in Garden City, Kansas.

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