Rich Silicon Valley CEO Bullies Fruit Vendors Near His Home

Tech giants in Silicon Valley seem to be living in a world of their own as they turn a blind eye to the woes of the underprivileged.

Mark Woodward

Mark Woodward, the CEO of software firm Invoca, is on the receiving end of internet backlash after he a controversial post on Facebook that shows how out of touch he is.

Showing no sympathy for local fruit vendors, and those struggling to make ends meet, Woodward said he would “make their life miserable” and “do whatever it took to make them leave” if sellers ever dared to station themselves near his house.

Apparently, the CEO thinks being wealthy and running a big firm gives him the right to live in his own bubble where everything is glitz and glamour, while low-income people don’t have the right to a good life. In fact, according to his post it seems like they don’t have the right to live at all.

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His insensitive comments about these people just go to show that Woodward should probably team up with Donald Trump and build a wall around his house and America to keep all the “unwanted” people out.

Interestingly, the tech savvy businessman was not willing to apologize for his insensitive comments when questioned about his post on Monday. “There were some other incidents leading up to this that led to my emotional reaction,” he said in a statement, sent by a spokeswoman.

“I removed the statements because I realized bringing a nuanced conversation to a social forum where it could be taken out of context was not the best way to bring resolution to a serious, multi-faceted issue,” he added.

It seems like the tech industry and its giants have something against poor people. The industry on a whole is gradually causing an increase in income inequality.

Another tech entrepreneur, Justin Keller, previously wrote an open letter to the mayor and police of San Francisco, saying “I shouldn’t have to see the pain, struggle and despair of homeless people to and from my way to work.”

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One cannot understand what evokes these ill feelings for the underprivileged in the hearts of these tech giants, but it seems like they live in a world of their own where it is all rainbows and sunshine.

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