Martin Shkreli’s Twitter Account Suspended For Being A Creepy Stalker

Not only did the pharma-bro ask out writer Lauren Duca to Trump’s inauguration, he also created a collage of Duca’s images and replaced her husband’s face with his own.

Martin Shkreli, the most hated man in America, has been banned from Twitter — finally!

The pharma-bro has been suspended from Twitter after a series of targeted harassment of Teen Vogue writer, Lauren Duca.

Duca spurred controversy last month when she went on a written tirade against Donald Trump for “gaslighting the nation.” The essay won applause from many liberals as well as condemnation from Donald Trump supporters and got her a segment at Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show. Following the interview, Duca received thousands of “angry responses” as well as a rape threat on Christmas.

Shkreli, being the creep that he is, asked Duca to accompany him to Trump inauguration ceremony on Jan. 20.


Duca’s rejection is as plain as can be but obviously this simple fact did not sink into Shkreli’s mind who only wanted to troll the journalist, obviously.

Following the message, he changed his account’s bioline to “I have a small crush on @laurenduca.” He also converted his banner into a collage of Duca’s photos and then replaced his profile image with a photo of Duca and her husband — except he Photoshopped Duca’s husband’s face with his own and branded it with John Michael Montgomery’s song’s lyrics, “til death do us part, I love you with every single beat of my heart.”

He also reportedly purchased a domain name “”

Following his cue, copycat individuals started posting editing and posting pictures of the two adversaries together.


Duca took her complaint to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey who blocked Shkreli’s account hours later — but not before Shkreli replied, “dont [sic] disrespect the sovereignty of my love for you. your [sic] being unfair.”


When asked by The Verge about his actions, Shkreli said he did not harass Duca, nor was his behavior “against Duca’s will” because she did not respond to any of his messages or told him to stop. He also excused his Photoshopped images claiming they were similar to fan-based ones of “Justin Bieber or any other celebrity.”

Meanwhile, Duca told BuzzFeed she saw the invitation to invite her to Trump’s inauguration — a person she is staunchly against — as an “act of trolling.”

“It’s an ongoing thing. He’s been actively tweeting about dating me,” the journalist said. “I don’t know if he’s encouraging people to do this, but there’s been a small contingent of trolls telling me to sleep with him — but not that politely.”

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the suspension was indeed due to Duca’s complaint and said, “The Twitter rules prohibit targeted harassment, and we will take action on accounts violating those policies.”

Following the suspension, angry Shkreli supporters (yes, they exist) flooded the internet with backlash.




However, Duca has her own army of supporters.






A Twitter spokesperson said Shkreli’s account has also been “temporarily suspended” from Periscope as well for behavior meant “only to incite or engage in the targeted harassment of others.”

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Lucas Jackson

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