Martin Shkreli's Lawyer Uses Lady Gaga Lyrics To Defend The Pharma Bro

According to "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli's lawyer, quoting Lady Gaga is an appropriate way of defending your client during a trial.

Martin Shkreli, an American businessman, investor and formed hedge-fund manager — and one of the most reviled people in the business world — appeared in court on June 28 as he faces charges of defrauding investors.

It seems like the lawyer defending Shkreli is also as twisted as the "Pharma Bro" himself, as he thought it was a good idea to quote Lady Gaga while defending his client. During the trial, Shkreli’s attorney Benjamin Brafman time and again tried to claim that raising the price of a life-saving medicine from $13.50 to $750 and crooking investors did not make Shkreli, a criminal.

In fact, he even claimed that Shkreli's fraudulent ways only made him a "money-making genius."

“Is he strange?” Brafman asked the court. “Yes. Will you find him weird? Yes. But [his investors] used his genius and made millions… Despite his flaws and dysfunctional personality, Martin Shkreli is brilliant beyond words.”

He then took a long shot at the case: “As Lady Gaga would say: He was born this way.”

Needless to say, people found his unprofessional ways of quoting songs in the court and treating people's lives as a joke, outrageous. Here's what some Twitter users had to say:






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