Terrible Human Martin Shkreli Invites People To Punch Him In The Face

Pharma bro Martin Shkreli, whose face in the past had people wishing they could punch him, is now offering the chance to do just that for a good cause.

Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli, the most hated man in America, is now offering you the chance to punch him — for a price, of course.

The pharma bro, who inspired universal hatred for raising the price of life saving HIV medication fifty-fold, announced on Twitter that he would auction one slap or punch to the highest bidder in a bid to raise money for his recently deceased friend’s son.


Mike Kulich, 29, was a friend and publicist of Shkreli and died in his sleep on Saturday, states the Give Forward donation page. He is survived by his 5-year-old son Tyler who has suffered from acute lymphocytic leukemia since he was 2. Tyler just completed his chemotherapy last month and money raised from the auction will be placed in trust for him.

The donation page has raised $6,515 of its intended goal of $15,000.

For his part, Shkreli has agreed to “match donation to a certain point.” But probably more of an incentive for the bidders would be to video record the moment Shkreli gets punched.







Shkreli has also allowed winners to nominate someone else to throw the punch and Twitter is now ablaze with talks about bringing in a professional fighter to hit Shkreli.



In a later tweet, Shkreli said the highest bid for punching him had reached $78,000.


People who are interested in participating in the bidding should use Twitter’s direct message function to privately message their offer.

Banner image: Reuters

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