Here’s Why Pakistanis Are Hailing The ‘Calibri’ Font As A Hero

The first daughter of Pakistan claimed the documents she handed over for the probe were from 2006. But the “Calibri” font exposed her.

It seems the font “Calibri” has done what has stumped many an investigator: provided evidence in the money laundering case against the first daughter of Pakistan.

Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, is currently embroiled in a money laundering case along with her brothers, Hussain and Hassan Nawaz, as well as her husband Mohammad Safdar. To prove her innocence and to deny ownership of Avenfield apartments — an offshore asset allegedly owned by the Sharif family in London — Nawaz submitted two documents from 2006.

However, the Panamagate Joint Investigation Team (JIT) now alleges the documents are fake and designed to dupe the Supreme Court. The investigators said Nawaz's claims are completely false and that it can prove she owned properties managed by Minerva Services for which she is the ultimate benefactor.

Their reason for this allegation: The text in the document was written in “Calibri” font, which was not commercially available before Jan. 30, 2007. So unless Maryam Nawaz has discovered time travel, it’s highly unlikely the “2006” documents are real.

Check out the video above to see what the Twitterati thinks of this fiasco.

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