A White Student Planned A Columbine-Style Attack. Where’s The Outrage?

A white teenager was planning to become “the first real female school shooter.” However, the media could only talk about her being an honors student.


An 18-year-old in Maryland stocked up on enough ammunition to launch a deadly terrorist attack on her school — and a detailed plan to carry it out.

Nichole Cevario reportedly had a shotgun, ammunition and bomb-making material (including fireworks). In her diary, police found incredibly detailed, thought-out plans of launching the attack at Catoctin High School in Thurmont, Maryland.

Cevario even jotted down the obstacles and reactions she would face at each stage, and had even laid down the strategies to counter them.

However, despite the distressing details of the story, the media kept humanizing the would-be shooter as "an honors student" in yet another disturbing example of white privilege.

Cevario, despite her foiled terror attack, is shielded by her race.

Therefore, headlines draw your attention to the fact that a person who could have perpetrated a massacre was a student, a high achiever, an 18-year-old (An Honors Student Was Allegedly Planning a Deadly Attack on Her High School). Some headlines refuse to incriminate her, referring only to the stockpile of ammunition she was caught with (Eighteen-year-old girl honor student is caught with a huge stockpile of weapons and explosives and a 'detailed plan for a school shooting').

Cevario’s father warned school officials last Thursday of the potential threat of violence from the girl.

She was removed from the classroom and turned over to the authorities.

Police found ammunition and the diary at her home. Cevario was taken to the hospital for an emergency hospitalization, and later charged. Her diary showed "evidence of mental health issues, emotional issues."

Previous reports indicated that police intend to charge Cevario with possession of explosive material with intent to create a destructive device and possession of incendiary material with the intent to create a destructive device.

It is important to note the story would have been treated differently had a non-white teenager been accused of a similar crime. While she is being humanized in headlines as a high-achiever, an African-American or Muslim teenager would have inevitably been labeled a "thug" or "terorrist."

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