Racist Woman Calls Maryland Professor ‘N*****’ After Fox News Show

“You belong in Africa where all the jungle monkey are,” the deranged woman yelled in an eight-minute, extremely racist rant.

Warning: The video below contains profanity

Earlier this week, University of Maryland professor Jason Nichols appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to discuss why it’s not a great idea to celebrate Columbus Day.

That’s because Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer credited for "discovering" and colonizing the Americas, committed genocide. On his way to find riches, Columbus treated the indigenous people of the continents as an obstacle to a greater mission. He and his men enslaved thousands of native inhabitants and subjected them to extreme violence and brutality.

Nichols rightfully pointed out that if people like Adolf Hitler, Leopold II of Belgium and Joseph Stalin, who killed thousands of people, are not glorified, neither should Columbus. Tucker pushed back with his racist streak, but what else do you expect from him?

However, the worst part for Nichols came later when he went home. It seemed a woman had watched the debate on TV and the professor’s stance against Columbus rubbed her the wrong way. Consequently, she sent Nichols a racist voicemail that lasted for eight whole minutes.

“This message is for Jason Nicholas [sic], I’ve been listening to him on Fox,” said the caller. “You know, this f***ing n*****, you n*****s are not gonna be satisfied until you change every f*cking piece of sh*t holiday to ‘N**ger Day.’ Okay, you can have it. Let’s change Martin Luther King N***** Day, Christmas N***** Day, Columbus N***** Day. He’s talking about Columbus killing 200,000 people, what about the camel n*****s that got the n**** blood in them, the terrorists, the f***ing Syrian Muslim piece of s**t n***** terrorists…”

This is the just the message in the first 30 seconds of the voicemail. The woman didn't just manage to insult the entire African-American community but all Muslims as well.

Throughout the deranged rant, Nichols stayed silent and kept shaking his head.

This is the state American has come to: a pundit can't even come away peacefully from a civil debate on television about a person the world knows has killed thousands of thousands of people. When a person becomes so absorbed with their own perceived racial superiority, they do not hesitate to demean people of all other races and nation — and this is the America President Donald trump aspires to.

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