All-Male Panel Forces Rape Survivors To Share Custody With Rapists

Maryland just failed women for the ninth time, and the woman trying to keep rapists from getting custody of their children wasn't even allowed to vote on it.

Maryland Rapists

It’s appalling that it’s 2017 and Maryland still grants rapists parental rights.

It’s appalling how the state’s archaic laws force the survivor to share custody of their child with the very person responsible for their ordeal.

It’s appalling how only male lawmakers got to have a say on an issue that concerns women and has lifelong consequences for them.

It’s appalling how lawmakers still need to asses that a rapist should be able to legally involve himself in the life of his victim and her child's.

It’s appalling but it’s still happening.

A Maryland legislative panel, comprising five male lawmakers, has decided to keep in place an archaic law that allows rapists visitation rights.

And this wasn’t the first time Maryland neglected the plight of rape survivors.

For nearly 10 years, state Delegate Kathleen Dumais has been trying to pass the bill to get rid of the preposterous law.

However, she wasn’t even allowed to be a part of the panel that made the decision on her bill. In fact, not a single woman was included in the panel.

“The Maryland delegate has attempted to pass eight previous versions of the bill, all of which failed in the General Assembly,” The Daily Beast reports. “During the 2017 legislative session, the bill seemed closer to law than ever before, with versions passing both the House and the Senate, before a technicality sunk it for the ninth time.”

The decision to keep the law has prompted intense backlash:






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