Riot Police Called In, 100 Hurt After Villagers Brawl Over A TV Show

The show’s protagonist is a warrior princess who is on a mission to defeat the forces of evil to save her kingdom and family honor.

It all started when two men got into a heated argument over the plot of an episode of a popular Bengali-language sci-fi television series.

Then all hell broke loose.

At least 100 people reportedly were injured in a Bangladeshi village after its inhabitants gathered to watch “Kiranmala” at a restaurant.

As two men began to squabble over the episode, people began to take sides and the disagreement unfolded into an actual battle scene involving sticks and knives.

The situation turned violent to the extent that police in the village had to fire rubber bullets and teargas to disperse the crowd.

“Two men got involved into an argument over the story of the episode, which later turned into a group skirmish,” said Yasinul Haque, the local police chief. “During the fight the angry mob vandalized the restaurant and [they] continued the fight on Thursday morning.”

Haque added at least 15 people required treatment for their injuries at the hospital.

This isn’t the first time "Kiranmala" has been associated with a real-life incident.

Last year, two teenage girls committed suicide after their parents, according to local media, refused to buy them the dress worn by the protagonist of the series.

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