Churches Respond To Sex Abuse Reports With 'Mass Of Forgiveness'

Here's how some Catholic churches responded after a grand jury report revealed how six dioceses covered up sexual abuse of hundreds of children.

At least 1,000 children suffered horrific sexual abuse at the hands of over 300 priests in six Roman Catholic dioceses in the state of Pennsylvania over a period of 70 years.

The shocking revelation was detailed in a grand jury report released on Aug. 16.

In response, many churches in the northeast responded to the allegations, for the first time by holding a "Mass of Forgiveness."

Predictably, a lot of people were upset with the event, which, according to many did not do justice to the hundreds of victims of horrific sexual abuse and assault that spanned over decades, especially considering how the Catholic Church and the religious leadership has been consistently criminally silent and complicit in the abuse over the years.

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