GOPer Who Said Shooters 'End Up Being Democrats' Cuts Off Interview

The GOP congresswoman established a link between Democrats and mass shooters without providing any evidence, whatsoever.

UPDATE:  Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-New York) struggled to defend her own inflammatory comments about mass shooters often being associated with the Democratic Party.

After being questioned by a reporter about her previous remarks, Tenney responded by attacking the media, failing to answer what was actually asked.

“It isn’t just Republicans who commit all these terrible crimes, it is across all sectors, and it is people that are typically unstable and are committing all of these crimes that we’re seeing,” Tenney said.

She went on to condemn the “abhorrent behavior of the media” and claimed that Democrats were exploiting “these terrible tragedies.”

“All I’m saying is everybody is guilty equally, and that’s exactly what I said. If you listen to the 12-minute interview, that’s exactly what I said; it’s patently clear,” Tenney told the reporter.

When the reporter doubled down on his initial question, Tenney became visibly exasperated and cut the interview short. 

“You didn’t listen to the interview. It’s fake news,” she said before trying to storm away still hooked up to the mic. “I answered your question every which way. It’s fake news.”

After disconnecting the microphone, she walked away.

“Bye. Done. It’s ridiculous,” she said.

What is actually ridiculous is making wild, insulting, and generalized statements about a group of people without offering a shred of evidence to back them up and then getting angry when you're called out for it.  

She brought this unwanted attention upon herself, and if she can't keep her composure when being asked to support her own comments, perhaps politics is not for her after all. 

In light of the Florida high school mass shooting, a Republican congresswoman didn't hesitate from throwing Democrats under the bus as she accused her political opponents of being associated with mass shooters.

“It’s interesting that so many of these people that commit the mass murders end up being Democrats. But the media doesn’t talk about that either,” Rep. Claudia Tenney told WGDJ Talk1300 radio.

While making the bold claim, Tenney, a hardcore supporter of the Second Amendment, did not provide any evidence, whatsoever, probably because it's not true.

Tenney’s alleged remark appears to stem from an internet meme list, which asserts that the probability of assassins being Democrats is a lot higher. However, Snopes has found it to be "mostly false."

Also, in the Florida shooting case, authorities have not yet released any details pertaining to the suspected mass shooter. Despite rumors of 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz's ties to white supremacy, law-enforcement is adamant he has “no known ties” with any hate groups. However, their claim is not consistent with Cruz’s activities over some private chat groups where he propagated racism, homophobic behavior, and anti-Semitic views, as reported by CNN.

Instead of expressing solidarity with the survivors, victims, and their families, Tenney voiced her concerns for the legal gun owners, who she believes will be "targeted" in the wake of the shooting.“I think that’s what scares me most is, a lot of these legal gun areas are going to be targeted now. In their demographic, they have the least amount of crime than virtually any other demographic,” she pointed out.

Tenney was already receiving a lot of backlash for her rather cavalier remark on the subject of domestic violence allegations against former White House staff secretary Rob Porter who resigned following the release of a black-eyed photo by one of his ex-wives.

“I’m not saying he’s innocent, but I’m saying we don’t know. He could be the worst guy in the world, but now we’re getting into prosecution as far as I know. I guess there was an issue about, maybe the FBI knew about it, but really, is this what we’re talking about at this point?” Tenney stated.

Evan Lukaske, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, believes Tenney’s comments will harm her sooner or later.

“Once again Congresswoman Tenney has demonstrated how completely unfit she is to serve in Congress. Two weeks ago she called Democrats ‘un-American,’ last week she defended alleged domestic abuser Rob Porter, and now she blames Democrats for mass murder—she is an embarrassment to New York and our country. Tenney’s comments are unhinged, shameful and disgusting, and show why voters will replace her next November,” Lukaske responded.

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