Elizabeth Warren Mocks Ted Cruz’s 'Letter Of Sacrifices'

Ted Cruz should know by now that if you vent your feelings on social media, the results might not be pretty.


Little did Ted Cruz know that if he unleashed his feelings on Twitter, he would have Elizabeth Warren on his case.

But that’s exactly what happened when the Texas senator posted a tweet detailing his woes while running for president.


The painstakingly written document for a fundraiser is a meticulous rendering of the struggles that the Cruz faces, including constant criticism, no family time, lack of sleep and health concerns.

Soon after the paper appeared online, the Massachusetts senator went on a rant against the GOP hopeful.












As of yet, the Cruz campaign has not commented.

Warren has made no bones about her dislike for the current Republican presidential candidates. The barrage of attacks against Cruz comes less than a month after a similar tirade against the GOP front-runner Donald Trump.


Perhaps the Texas senator should think twice about winning the race because as president, all his “sacrifices” would only escalate.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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