Elderly Couple Wakes Up To Massive Sinkhole Swallowing Their Backyard

A Queensland couple was left with no option but to evacuate their home after they noticed a huge water-filled sinkhole devouring their lawn.

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines is looking into the cause behind a huge sinkhole that devoured a couple’s lawn, forcing them to leave their home.

Lynn and Ray McKay were woken up by their neighbor on an eventful morning as a sinkhole started widening in their yard. The hole, which is about 26 feet wide, was filled with water and apparently is also a site to capture a Pokemon, as noted by reporter Helen Spelitis. However, players are not advised to turn up at the scene to catch the creature as the situation with the sinkhole may get tricky.



As the massive depression grew larger and edged toward the washing line, McKay pleaded, “Please, don’t take my washing line.”

Authorities are now trying to figure out how to drain the water out of the hole, and suspect that an old mine shaft may be the reason behind the collapse.

“You can see this shaft was full up with rubbish and bottles and whoever did it (filled it) didn’t follow very good practices. We will take all the steps to get Lynn and Ray back in their house. It’s the mines department’s responsibility,” Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale said.

He has also assured the couple that engineers will fix the hole and their house won’t disappear overnight.

For now, the husband and wife are staying at a hotel.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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