Chilling Footage Captures Colorado Tornado Up Close

Tornadoes are one of the worst natural disasters and the state of Colorado has recently been hit with several of them.

A tornado that hit eastern Colorado on May 7 left at least five people injured while damaging several buildings. The half-mile-wide twister hit the northern side of the city of Wray as the storm decimated around 40 electric poles.

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A video posted on YouTube by AccuWeather captured the happenings from up close.

Storm chasers stated that the tornado traveled for around 10 miles on the ground.




One couple even managed to take the internet by “storm” with a picture as the tornado “died down a little” in the background.


This was not the only tornado to have hit Wray, and in Colorado’s northeastern Plains, hail as big as golf balls fell across the area.

The tornado also scattered debris across the city as it knocked over several trees and caused significant damage.


“We had no idea it was a tornado,” said one man who was present inside a trailer that toppled over.

“We prayed and we were grateful that the weather was not so good this weekend, because I'm afraid that if everybody would've been here lives would've been lost,” he told USA Today.

Here is an even closer 360-degree view of the tornado:

Around 15 tornadoes were reported in recent day, according to the Storm Prediction Center, and more storms have been forecasted for the next day or two.

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