Maui Officer Shows Once Again How Cops Are Above The Law

Another police officer charged with multiple misdemeanors has been given a slap on the wrist for endangering lives.

It’s not just police officers who consider themselves above the law — it’s also the entire justice system that protects them from prosecution.

A Hawaii police officer has been charged with multiple crimes in just a single year, ranging from child endangerment to drinking under the influence and it’s absurd how she still gets to keep her job.  

Rachel Garvin of the Maui Police Department has been arrested five times between January 2015 and January 2016.

Her first incident involved a DUI and a car crash with her own child. Although, a field officer allowed her to leave the scene with a friend, she plead to a child endangerment charge in 2015 and put on probation.

But that didn’t help her learn her lesson. Just four months later Garvin was again arrested for drunken driving, which led to subsequent arrests, this time for violating her parole and missing two court dates.

Despite multiple misdemeanors to her name, the eight-year MPD veteran, who is not even appearing for her hearings, has been placed on desk duty, and her certification and license remains in her possession.

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Cases like these are no more an anomaly, but common occurrences. Often the police department tries to hide the many misdeeds of its officers, even when those misdeeds are criminal. A couple of cases in point are those of Jason Van Dyke of the Chicago Police Department and Stephen Matakovich of the Pittsburg Police Department who were able to walk away unscathed, even with charges like murder, assault and battery on their rap sheet.

Cops who do get punished for their crimes are given penalties akin to a slap on the wrist. Even if an officer is discharged from a state police department, they can always go to another state and work there as their license remains intact. Some even get paid for the number of months it takes them to find a job.

It’s tragic to see how police officers, who have sworn to uphold the law, are given such liberties, while people are put in jail just because they cannot afford to pay their medical bills, or become homeless because no company will hire them because of past felonies.

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