Maxine Waters Slams Trump Over ‘Civility’ Debate

“I think every reasonable person has concluded that the President of the United States of America has advocated violence," she said.


California Rep. Maxine Waters landed herself in hot water, outraging many people after she made comments at a Los Angeles rally asking the public to confront officials from the Trump administration whenever they see them in public spaces.

Following her comments at a committee hearing, Rep. Jeb Hensarling, a Texas Republican, said those who "daily promote diversity, I would call upon them to respect diversity of opinion." He compared Waters comments with the historical racial segregation when black people were not allowed inside restaurants.

“I think we all know that words matter,” the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said.

However, Maxine called out Hansarling’s apparent hypocrisy, making it clear that she wasn’t asking for people to “harm” Trump supporters but to protest publicly and peacefully when they come across the president’s cabinet members.

President Donald Trump is alien to being civil. The kind of derogatory and xenophobic remarks he has made for people of color, Muslims and women are known to the world. The POTUS clearly made a distinction between white and non-white countries and admitted he preferred people hailing from the former.

Waters quoted some of his violent remarks at the committee hearing, saying he has been “advocating pure violence” since his 2016 presidential campaign.

“I think every reasonable person have concluded that the president of the United States of America has advocated violence, he has been divisive, and he has been the one that has caused what we see happening today, where people are trying to push back on his policies,” she said.

She added, "But he continues to call names and he continues to challenge people in very violent ways.”

"If you want to talk about civility, you start with the President of the United States, and you implore him not to continue to promote violence, not to continue to promote divisiveness, and then I think he would be a better example and people would follow a better example, rather than get trapped into what he's advocating, which is pure violence," said Waters.

She then quoted three instances where POTUS encouraged his supporters to resort to violence.

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