People Are Shooting Each Other Over Cheesburgers, Taco Truck Lines

Last month alone, shooters have shot others due to arguments over a cheeseburger, feeding squirrels and cutting in a taco truck line.

Shooters around the world are killing people for the most outrageous reasons, stirring unnecessary gun violence activity as an ever-popular hobby.

Of the 5,484 gun deaths so far this year, a few of them have been pettier than others, according to The Washington Post.

Last month, Benjamin Middendorf, a 25-year-old Florida resident, shot his brother in an argument about a cheeseburger and is now being charged with first-degree murder, according to CNN. 

A Colorado man recently shot nearby resident, Jon Barbour, in the buttocks for feeding peanuts to hungry squirrels, Fox 31 reported.

There seems to be a pattern of food-related incidents leading to gun violence.

Rigoberto Castillo was visiting a taco truck in Austin, Texas when suddenly, a group of people cut in front of him in line.

Castillo was angry and got into a fist-fight with the people who tried to get ahead of him in line and one person got a gun out of his car and shot and killed Castillo.

Recently, an African American man in Memphis, Tennessee approached a woman who was in her car. He began flirting with her and she rejected his flirtatious advances.

In retaliation for being denied, the man shot the woman’s toddler three times, who was sitting next to her in the car at the time.

gun violence

People who are prone to acting out violently need to realize that there are alternative ways to end a disagreement, such as talking out issues with a therapist or with the person(s) someone may be disagreeing with.

Gun violence is not the solution to any problem; in fact, it creates deeper issues than there may have ever been in the first place. 

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