Mayfly Invasion Causes Traffic Nightmare On Illinois Bridge

Thousands of mayflies, which swarmed police cars and took over roads and pavements, caused a huge traffic jam and a spate of accidents.

It's hard to believe something as tiny as an insect could cause so much chaos and bring for the lives of thousands of people to a standstill.

A thick swarm of mayflies, which usually live in water bodies, took over a bridge in Havana, Illinois, covering pavements, vehicles and roads. The little insects came together to form a 6-inch pile, making the road slippery and, needless to say, a disgusting sight for passersby.


The Havana Police Department published a post on Facebook telling people to be careful when driving in order to avoid any accidents. A number of motorcyclists had already slipped on the streets as a result of the swarming insects. Furthermore, the insects caused cars to get stuck in the middle of the bridge.

Now, the City of Havana Police Department is working to get the mayflies under control and out of the area so that people can carry on with their lives as usual.

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Apparently, this infestation is nothing new for the region; every year these mayflies take over the streets and nearby areas until they are cleared off. The appearance of mayflies signifies a healthy population and a healthy environment and therefore, although they might cause several problems for the time being, in the longer run, their presence is a blessing in disguise.

“They’re indicators of excellent water quality,” Johnson told CBS News during last year’s invasion. “As scientists, we can only spot check it once in a while and make some assumptions based on that.”

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