Woman Dies After Mayor Takes The Last Oxygen Cylinder For A Party

A former mayor entertained family and friends at a party at the expense of a woman’s life.

A former mayor, who allegedly took away the only oxygen cylinder from his town's health service so he could pump beer at a private party, has now been charged with manslaughter.

Jose Claudio Pol, 58, former mayor of Luiziana, in central-western Paraná, is accused of taking the only mobile cylinder from the municipality's health unit and using it in a barrel draft beer. The incident took place in the early hours of Jan. 1, 2013; however, a complaint was only filed by the 5th Office of the Prosecutor of Campo Mourão on March 29, 2017.

While Pol and his family used the compressed oxygen cylinder to dispense beer from a keg, a patient who needed oxygen died because the cylinder had allegedly gone missing.

The former mayor instructed a council worker to remove the oxygen cylinder from the town’s health care center and ordered him to bring it to his home where a party was underway, according to prosecutors.  

Few hours later, a woman with a suspected heart attack was brought to the health care center. Medics at the health center were unable to handle her deteriorating condition as she needed support to breathe and therefore decided to shift her to a hospital 20 miles away. However, she died on her way to the hospital as she was transported without oxygen because the portable cylinder was not available.

Soon after the pictures emerged online, Pol was suspended from his position of Luiziana's municipal finance secretary, which he occupied after his term as mayor.

After an investigation, a technical report showed that his actions caused the death of the patient. He is now charged with manslaughter and misappropriation of public assets for personal use. Two people who helped him remove the equipment also face the same charges.

Pol will now face trial.

Prosecutor Andre Del Grossi Assumpcao explained, “As a result of the removal of emergency equipment for simple recreational use by the accused, they weakened public emergency services and deprived this patient of oxygen, which has been proved to have caused detriment to her health and later her death.”




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