One Of John McCain’s Last Wishes Is To Not Have Trump At His Funeral

According to The New York Times, Sen. John McCain doesn't want President Donald Trump to attend his eventual funeral.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz), who is battling an aggressive brain cancer, is known to have a turbulent relationship with President Donald Trump. It has emerged that the senator reportedly doesn’t want the commander-in-chief at his funeral.

People close to McCain plan to have Vice President Mike Pence at the funeral, which is expected to be held at Washington’s National Cathedral.

The information was first revealed by The New York Times, in a piece titled, “At His Ranch, John McCain Shares Memories and Regrets With Friends.”

The piece detailed the supposed last days of the Republican senator, who spends his time meeting old friends like former Vice President Joe Biden and reminiscing the time they spent together.

Former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush will be the eulogists at the eventual funeral.

McCain’s wish does not come as a surprise.

Trump’s relation with McCain has been turbulent, to put it mildly.

In 2016, Trump claimed that McCain, a war veteran, was only considered a hero only because he was caught by Vietnam.

Trump, who has been accused of being a “draft-dodger,” also said he holds figures who could avoid being caught in much higher esteem.

McCain later took a shot at Trump, as he criticized people who “found a doctor that would say that they had a bone spur” to avoid military service. The senator later clarified that he did not think Trump was a draft-dodger.

It is safe to say that McCain’s family is not too fond of Trump, either.

When Trump was reported to have “physically” mocked McCain for the thumbs down gesture the senator made during his vote, McCain’s daughter called Trump’s action “abhorrent.”

This is not the first time Trump will be missing the funeral of an important figure. Recently, the president did not attend the funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush to avoid disruptions and sent first lady Melania Trump instead.


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