McDonald's Employee Throws Boiling Water On Syrian Boy

A McDonald’s employee in Istanbul has been fired after she threw boiling hot water over a boy for “disturbing customers.”

A little boy in Istanbul, Turkey, had boiling hot water thrown on him by an employee when he walked into a McDonald’s.

The female employee identified as Mutlu H. claims she had intended to make some boys who were “disturbing customers” leave the fast food joint when she accidentally spilled the water on Polat Kara, 7. The Turkish boy, originally thought to be of Syrian origin, was there to buy a bottle of water for his parents, who are junk collectors on the street, when he got attacked.

The hot water caused welts to appear on Kara’s skin. A horrified customer, who had witnessed the incident, intervened and involved authorities to rush the child to the hospital. Meanwhile, other customers reported Mutlu to the police.

Kara, who was in shock of what was happening, was taken to Sisli Hamidiye Etfal Hospital to be treated for his burns. He looked “fearful” and “confused” even as reporters tried to ask him, “What happened to you?”

While the restaurant manager and employees initially declined to comment, they later clarified that the employee had been fired owing to the incident.

“As a brand that has been the focus of service for families and children since the day it was founded, we would like to state that the unfortunate event in our Nisantasi restaurant was unacceptable. The work contract of the person who caused the dispute was terminated immediately and an investigation was started on the other responsible persons,” read a statement on the restaurant’s website.

However, Mutlu had been freed since the boy’s parents didn’t file a complaint against her.

Apparently, treating children roughly over the excuse of “disturbing customers” is nothing new for McDonald’s. In 2000, a little girl selling tissues to customers at the restaurant was locked in the freezer by employees. Fortunately, she survived because customers insisted that she be let out.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Lucy Nicholson

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