McLaren Supercar Crashes Into Pieces, Literally, In Los Angeles

A suspected street race led to a horrible collision, sending two drivers to hospital.

A video recorded at Woodland Hills in Los Angeles, California, shows a 2015 McLaren 650 Spider, which is worth more than $200,000, completely wrecked following a collision with other vehicles.

The neon green McLaren got into a suspected street racing crash when it collided with an Audi. The drivers of both the vehicles had to be rushed to hospital as one faced severe injuries.

The supercar is registered under the name of Kenneth Lynch, a man residing in Canoga Park only a few streets away from the crash site.

According to those present at the scene, a black Dodge Charger and a gray or silver BMW managed to escape the scene. A search for the drivers of the vehicles is now underway. 

Even though residential areas such as Califa Street, where the totaled car was found, have a speed limit of around 25 mph, the McLaren driver was going at around thrice the permitted speed.

Eye witnesses and internet users were equally shocked at the thousands of dollars gone down the drain.



Unfortunately, this is not the first time an extremely expensive car has been destroyed in a crash.

A recent video that surfaced on Instagram showed a shirtless Porsche driver accompanied by a female passenger show off his supercar and zoom off, only to crash into a vehicle parked a few yards ahead.

The proud man seemed extremely embarrassed as the woman who previously sat beside him appeared to be yelling at him, while others mocked his stupidity. 

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