The Mediterranean Has Turned Into A Sea Cemetery

Thousands of Syrian refugees have lost their lives while crossing the perilous Mediterranean Sea in hope for a better future in Europe.

The Syrian civil war that began in March 2011 has since displaced around 11 million people, and in the bargain claimed an estimated 220,000 lives.

While 6.6 million people remain internally displaced to date, tens of thousands of others have fled the country and are taking dangerous trips across the Mediterranean Sea from Turkey to Greece, looking forward to a better future in Europe.

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Sadly, for around 4,000 of them, things have not worked out as they hoped, and today their bodies remain in the depths of the sea, as their families grieve for them.

In memory of these brave souls 200 floating gravestones made of Styrofoam were placed in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Turkey. 

The “Sea Cemetery,” created by TBWAIstanbul for humanitarian group Support for Life, pays tribute to Syrians who died during their troublesome journey toward a better life. The team leading the project also created a website to raise awareness regarding the refugee crisis, and a heart-wrenching video showing interviews with the families of these refugees.

“If only you could have seen my son. ... He was so young. I can’t get him out of my mind. Not having enough time with him grieves me deeply,” Mariam Al-Ahmed, a Syrian mother who lost her son, says in the video.

Check out the emotional video above.


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