Megyn Kelly Reportedly Accused Roger Ailes Of Sexual Harassment

Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly recently told investigators that she has also experienced sexual harassment from the network's chairman Roger Ailes.

Update: The Murdoch family has decided to remove Roger Ailes as the Fox News television executive, following controversy surrounding his alleged sexual harassment towards multiple Fox employees. 

However, Ailes may have a consulting role with the network with further information yet to be determined, The New York Times reported

"Roger is at work," 21 Century Fox said in a statement. "The review is ongoing. And the only agreement that is in place is his existing employment agreement." 

The list of women accusing Fox News chairman Roger Ailes of sexual harassment is growing. 

Megyn Kelly’s allegation towards Ailes of sexual abuse is not surprising, as Ailes has a bad history of making sexual advances toward Fox employees. Yet, knowing that Ailes has been taking advantage of women for ten years is unforgivable.  

Kelly was previously silent about past sexual harassment allegations made against the perverted Ailes, but recently revealed that he harassed her ten years ago, New York Magazine reported.

According to New York Magazine, Ailes' spokesperson Irena Briganti has been criticizing Kelly to reporters, saying she is selfish to not stand up for the man who gave her career opportunities. Nearly a dozen Fox women have praised Ailes after Carlson filed her lawsuit. 

Kelly’s allegations against the Fox chairman come on the heels of the announcement Rupert Murdoch and his sons recently made to either fire or force Ailes to resign from his position at Fox. 

Since Carlson’s allegation, dozens of female Fox employees have come forward about Ailes' sexual advances towards them. 

Roger Ailes should have been fired the moment Carlson’s shocking case against him was announced, but at least he is getting the boot now.

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