Do Melania And Donald Trump Share A Frosty Relationship?

People have been speculating relationship woes between President Donald Trump and the first lady. Could there be any truth to it?

Videos of first lady Melania Trump swatting away President Donald Trump’s hand as he tried to hold hers have recently been making rounds on the internet, leaving people speculating about the state of their relationship.

However, internet users have pointed out that unaffectionate public displays are nothing new for the Trumps and were in fact apparent since the time of Trump’s inauguration.

During the inaugural ceremony, the first lady was seen forcibly smiling at cameras and waving her hand to a crowd of people as her husband took the oath. However, a short clip of her smiling cheek to cheek and then immediately frowning as Trump looked away became a popular meme as people speculated Melania was in an abusive relationship.

Later, the news broke that the first lady would not be staying at the White House, owing to her son Barron Trump’s education. This further fueled the rumors and insiders even claimed that the couple doesn’t sleep together, which made matters worse.

Now, Melania has been seen brushing away Trump’s hand as he tries to hold hers, and people are wondering whether their relationship is going downhill.

Check out the video.

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