Sources Report 'Frosty’ Relationship Between Ivanka And Melania Trump

Apparently, Melania and Ivanka Trump aren’t getting along very well, as the first daughter is often seen filling in for the first lady.

A new Vanity Fair report states multiple insiders, from both the fashion and media industry, have noticed a fraught relationship between Melania and Ivanka Trump.

The sources claim the first lady’s relationship with Ivanka is “frosty” as President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter often fills in for Melania Trump.

While Melania, who so far seems quite disinterested in her duties as first lady, chose to stay in their New York mansion, owing to her son Barron Trump’s education, Ivanka was quick to move to Washington, D.C., (and to an office in the White House) along with her family.

Sources close to the family suggested that the first lady was “dragged to Washington for her husband's political ambitions” and "she never wanted this, and never had any interest.”

The Vanity Fair report also claimed Melania did all she could to turn a blind eye to the fact that she was now the first lady. Apparently, she was absent from most of her husband’s public events and the speeches she gave can be “counted on one hand.”

Ivanka has not only been close to her father ever since he assumed presidency, but even before that she often appeared on his reality show, "The Apprentice." She also joined him during his presidential campaign. Post-inauguration, she has filled in for Melania at many events and been present at meetings with Chinese leaders and accompanied Trump on his Dover Air Force Base visit.

However, it seems now Melania is stepping into the limelight once again as she makes more frequent appearances in Washington, D.C. The first lady was seen beside the POTUS on his first military hospital visit where he awarded an Army veteran with a Purple Heart on Saturday. 

A White House spokesperson has denied the above allegations, stating that the women have a close bond that has had not been negatively impacted even after Trump assumed his role as POTUS.

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