In 2011, Melania Trump Endorsed Her Husband’s Racist Birther Theory

Remember the time FLOTUS endorsed her husband’s birther movement to discredit the first black president of the United States?


A lot of people at the Women’s March, which were held across the world this week, brought along signs that read “Free Melania.”




The expression was first used after the Republican National Convention when Melania Trump disappeared from public eye following her infamous speech plagiarism fiasco.

Nowadays, “Free Melania” is more or less used to refer to the first lady’s apparent lack of say in important matters.

But an old interview, unearthed online recently, suggests otherwise.

In a 2011 appearance on the “Joy Behar Show,” Trump supporter her husband’s insane, and incredibly racist, conspiracy theory that Barack Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii.

"It’s not only Donald who wants to see [Obama's birth certificate], it’s American people who voted for him and who didn’t vote for him. They want to see that," she said.

When Behar pointed out the birth certificate had already been made public for everyone to see, Trump responded: "We feel it’s different than birth certificate.”

You can watch the exchange in the video embedded above.

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